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Deeply rooted in the rich educational resources of Canada, Farvision Education Group Inc. (FVE) provides high-quality education and related services to global customers. Since its founding in 2013, FVE has educated tens of thousands of students, helping them build a solid academic foundation for successful personal development. The FVE Board of Directors is led by Dr. Tom Traves, a former chair of the Canadian Federation of Universities and a former president of Dalhousie University. The board members include Dr. Peter Milliken, a former Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons; Dr. Colin Dodds, a former president of Saint Mary’s University; Mr. Kenneth Chan, a famous expert in international education;  Dr. Zaiyi Liao, a tenured professor at Ryerson University; and Dr. Haipeng Xie, a well-established Canadian expert in artificial intelligence and robotics. FVE is located in the center of Toronto and owns educational properties of 160,000 square feet. FVE has now become one of the largest private education providers in North America.


Collaboration in Education

From kindergarten to graduation, career development, and retirement, one can never really complete the journey of learning. Learning from different people in a broad range of institutions is essential for success. At FVE, we believe in the power of collaborative education because it brings student’s knowledge and skills from an entire spectrum of perspectives. In addition, through collaboration, education resources can be much more accessible, affordable, and efficient.

Through 6 owned schools (OSSD, Colleges, and Vocational Education), we have been collaborating with 24 colleges and universities.
Collaboration with education partners from around the globe, including China and India.
Collaboration with top universities on joint graduate programs and research.
Our vocational education and college programs are tightly integrated with the relevant industries.

Canadian Innovation University Town

Canadian Innovation University Town (CIUT), established by FVE Group, aims to inspire and support innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship. The campus is located in North York, Toronto, with excellent access to the city’s rich resources for education, research, industry, and economy. CIUT resides in two buildings of 430,000 square feet, sitting on 5.9 acres owned by FVE.


To be more visionary,
Global potential partners are invited to join us for collaboration.

Main Businesses

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art, & Design

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design was founded in 1996 by a group of talented artists and animators. It is the top private animation college in North America.

Conbridge College of Business and Technology

Conbridge College of Business and Technology offers a wide variety of specialized programs, preparation courses for professional examination, and professional development training courses.

Ontario Programs | Niagara University

Niagara University is located in Lewiston, United States. The School has a long history of 160 years. It is adjacent to the world-famous landscape across the United States and Canada-Niagara Falls.

Lowell Academy

Lowell Academy offers Ontario Secondary School credit courses from Grade 9 to 12. Small classes are offered to meet students’ different needs, and individualized tutoring is available for students who need further assistance and support.

Toronto Art Academy

Toronto Art Academy is an art-focused private high school approved by the Ministry of Education (BSID#668739). With experienced Ontario Certified Teachers and state-of-the-art facilities, the school has become one of Toronto’s top new teaching centers.

Toronto E-school

Toronto eSchool is the top online high school situated in Toronto and is fully inspected and approved by the Ministry of Education (BSID# 886520). Toronto eSchool offers students the opportunity to earn Ontario High School credits online featuring in mediated content delivery.

Vocational Education

Princeton Career Education Group (PCE) is a professional organization specialized in vocational education with more than 20 years of experience. PCE has established an effective working relationship with Canadian government, universities and enterprises.

Study Abroad

Visionary Study Abroad & Immigration Services Inc. is a professional Canadian Immigration company that provides immigration consulting services to clients across the world.

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