Canadian Innovation University Town (CIUT), established by Farvision Education Group Inc. (FVE), aims to inspire and support innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship. The campus is located in North York, Toronto, with excellent access to the city’s rich resources for education, research, industry, and economy. CIUT resides in two buildings of 430,000 square feet, sitting on 5.9 acres owned by FVE.

Structure of CIUT which is consisted of four major function components as follows:

Academic Programs:

Three departments are providing academic education and research, including:

  • College and undergraduate programs
  • PPP (Private Public Partnership in education) programs on business, tourism, and computer Technology,
  • Joint Graduate Program accommodates graduate studies at both Master and Ph.D. levels in partnership with top universities globally. In addition, it is also an excellent center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship, which supports researchers in transferring their research and outcome to commercial products and services. Currently, these departments are focused on the following disciplines: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics, material, green technologies, food science, animation, AR/VR, and automation.
Division of Services:

Provides services to support all the activities in the Division of Academic Programs. These services include operating a series of scientific and engineering laboratories to support research and education, establishing industrial connections, seeking funding to support research and technology transfer, and managing an intelligent platform to help researchers disseminate and commercialize research results.

Innovative Education Solutions (IES):

Research and development (R&D) will be conducted to create innovative pedagogical solutions on selected subject areas, and develop AI and VR-based virtual laboratories and physical experimental facilities. A block-chain based education service platform will be established for education solutions and product trading.

Division of Campus Operation:

A completely automatic building and facility management system is employed to ensure that both physical and virtual campus is operated efficiently, ensuring all lectures and activities can be appropriately performed onsite and online.

CIUT has adapted an academic strategy that integrates education with the latest technology. Customized tutorials are developed according to the analysis of students’ learning processes, and virtual and physical teaching laboratories are offered to enhance students’ learning experiences. In addition, CIUT has established a strong partnership with top universities and research establishments from the world. Collaboration is flexible, but the goal is always the same: to inspire and support innovations for the advancement of humanity.