From kindergarten to graduation, career development, and retirement, one can never really complete the journey of learning. Learning from different people in a broad range of institutions is essential for success. At VG, we believe in the power of collaborative education because it brings students knowledge and skills from an entire spectrum of perspectives. In addition, through collaboration, education resources can be much more accessible, affordable, and efficient.

Visionary Group has established a unique education system that primarily engages collaboration in education. The ultimate goal is to build a platform in which schools, educators, prospective students, and enrolled students are closely connected to ensure a seamless flow of knowledge, educational assets, and resources. Specifically, the following collaboration mechanisms have been established:

(1) Collaboration with education providers:

We have partnered with 24 colleges and universities with our six owned schools (High School, College, and Vocational education). It gives our graduated students with the possibility and opportunity for higher education.

(2) Collaboration with global education partners, including China and India:

We are building up a network of joint schools in which the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) curriculum is structured. It allows students to apply for higher education in universities from 195 countries.

(3) Collaboration with top universities on joint graduate programs and research:

Through our own CIUT (Canada Innovation University Town), we collaborate with universities from the globe on cutting-edge research. The Center of Excellence for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship offers comprehensive assistance to researchers in the process of commercial exploitation of their research outcomes.

(4) Collaboration with industrial partners:

Our vocational education and college programs are tightly integrated with the relevant industries. Our teaching curriculum and resources are often updated and modified to the latest technological development in the industry. In addition, students are given the opportunity for internship and experiential learning in the related industry.

Assisted by this collaboration, Visionary Group offers high-quality education at a broad range of levels, including secondary school, college, university undergraduate and graduate, and vocational education. Prospective students can be admitted at a time most suitable for them. Once the students enroll in any of our programs, they are given a wide range of resources and opportunities to pursue their career success and personal achievement.