Lowell Academy

Lowell Academy offers Ontario secondary school credit courses from grades 9 to 12. We offer small classes to meet the needs of all learners and provide one-on-one professional tutoring. Lowell is determined to create a positive environment to cultivate an enthusiasm for learning and celebrate students’ academic and personal achievement. In order to create a supportive environment and meet the needs of every student, the school has implemented an after-school program that encompasses all grades and subjects to provide a full service for international students. Lowell Academy hires Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) with teaching experience and professional counselors to provide each student with a customized study plan and individualized academic support. Lowell aims to ensure that students enter their ideal universities, integrate into this international metropolitan city of Toronto, and enjoy its lifestyle.

Toronto Art Academy

Toronto Art Academy is an art-focused private high school accredited by the Ministry of Education (BSID#668739). With experienced Ontario Certified Teachers and state-of-the-art facilities, the school has become one of Toronto’s top new teaching centers.  As a specialized high school, Toronto Art Academy has established a four-year art education high school curriculum. In addition to studying grade 9-12 courses, students can also specialize in art courses, including graphic design, architectural design, visual art, media art, dance, theatre performance, and music. Toronto Art Academy also offers preparatory art classes and develops tailor-made learning and internship plans for students. Toronto Art Academy graduates receive the internationally recognized Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD) and various ARTS certificates.

Toronto eSchool

Toronto eSchool is a premier online high school situated in Toronto and is fully inspected and accredited to grant the Ontario Secondary School Diploma by the Ministry of Education (BSID#886520). Toronto eSchool offers students the opportunity to earn Ontario high school credits online featuring in mediated content delivery. It adopts a combination of online video instruction, online assessments, and a virtual evaluation teaching model. The students can register and start learning anywhere at any time with flexible course schedules and self-paced learning. Toronto eSchool provides dynamic and concise video lessons to the students through a high-quality multimedia platform.