Public Private Partnership (PPP)

What Are Public-Private Partnerships?

Public-private partnerships involve collaboration between a government agency and a private-sector company that can be used to finance, build, and operate projects, such as public transportation networks, parks, or convention centers. Financing a project through a public-private partnership can allow a project to be completed sooner or make it possibility possible in the first place. Public-private partnerships often involve concessions of tax or other operating revenue, protection from liability, or partial ownership rights over nominally public services and property to the private sector for-profit entities.

Principles of PPP

The guiding principles of the public college-private partnerships policy are to:

  • Support public colleges in being financially competitive and investing that economic benefit in their home campuses and local communities.
  • Strengthen communities by encouraging international students to study outside the Greater Toronto Area and potentially remain there after their studies·
  • Protect and enhance Ontario’s reputation as a post-secondary education leader and as a great place to live and work.

PPP in College Education

Public-private college partnerships (PPP) are a contractual arrangement between a public college in Ontario with a third party. Students will complete the courses led by the Third Party and obtain an Ontario College Credential.

Currently, Farvision Education Group is actively working with multiple public colleges across Canada, and colleges are responsible for ensuring that partnership locations operate with the same student protections and standards of services, accountability, and quality assurance as college home campuses.

International students with credentials from an Ontario public college may apply for a work permit for up to three years under the federal Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

International students enrolled in programs offered through public college-private partnerships are entitled to all the rights and privileges afforded to other students at the college, as well as access to the appropriate range of student supports, either on the partnership campus, in the community, or through the college’s main campus. As a result, students can gain the skills that they needed to join Ontario’s growing workforce.